Our Story

Spreading healthy vibes nationwide

In 2017, Sophia Karbowski and Austin Patry, two college students studying entrepreneurship at TCU, realized that Fort Worth, TX was lacking healthy food options. After lots of brainstorming, visits to California, and many açaí bowls later, the two health-conscious foodies seized the opportunity to introduce Fort Worth to its first açaí bowl-focused establishment.  

With each craving of açaí came more motivation, and within months, what started as an idea soon became a proof-of-concept food truck. After many long days starting up a business while still in over a full load of classes, they opened up! After one successful year in the food truck, they reached their goal of rollin’ their way to their first brick and mortar on TCU's campus! Since then, RnB has opened 7 more açaí bowl cafes on campuses across the country at Tulane in New Orleans, Loyola Chicago, University of Denver, Baylor, SMU, and Notre Dame, and has evolved to be a resource and incubator for young student entrepreneurs with a mission to spread positive energy and healthy vibes everywhere they go.

When COVID hit in March 2020 and RnB had to temporarily close down their stores, they acted fast and packaged their smoothie + açaí bowl recipes into pouches that consumers can now enjoy from home. They launched their new product in only 6 weeks, and now Rollin' n Bowlin' is not only a health foods cafe for college students, but their packaged smoothies n bowls can be founder here on their website, on Amazon, and in grocery stores nationwide! RnB is all about making healthy eating convenient, enjoyable, and accessible for all, and their growth to college campuses and grocery stores across the country has only just begun!

If you think RnB would be a great fit on your campus, hit us UP!

Our Commitment

passionate about our purpose 

Vision: To spread healthy vibes 

Mission: To provide local entrepreneurs with a place to be 

wholesome and produce wholesome food.

Core Values:
  • Incubate young entrepreneurs

  • Support local

  • Hungry to help and learn

  • Wholesome people serving wholesome food

  • Genuinely nutritious ingredients

  • Passing on positivity

  • Default to transparency

  • Be efficient, be creative

Meet The Team

Sophia Karbowski


Austin Patry


Brittaney Paige Jenkins

Executive Assistant to Founders - Waco, TX

 Charlene Ramos

Operations Manager at Loyola - Chicago, IL

Cortnie Harris

Operations Manager at Tulane - Nola, LA

Simone Hicks

Operations Manager of SMU - Dallas, TX

BeeJay Williams

Operations Manager at Denver University - CO

Coming soon

Operations Manager of Sam Houston State

Coming soon

Operations Co-Manager - Notre Dame

What are açaí & pitaya bowls? 

a nutritional powerhouse!

Açaí is a super fruit berry that is native to Brazil. These powerful berries are packed with extremely high levels of anthocyanins (plant antioxidants) that have proven to lower cholesterol levels in the blood stream. This gives you a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Açaí berries are also proven to improve circulation, fight cancer, weight loss, and prevent both blood clots and artherosclerosis, the clogging of blood vessels. We combine açaí with a combination of other all-natural fruits and coconut water to create our delicious and nourishing açaí bowl!  


Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit, is indigenous to South America, and is known for its bright pink color. Pitaya is also incredibly rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It has several B vitamins, healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), proteins, and high levels of carotene. Pitaya can help boost your immunity, improve your eyesight, and lower the risk of prostate cancer. Combine all of this goodness in a blender with our other all-natural fruits and coconut water for a nutrient-packed meal!